Volunteer and Worktrade

Sapsquatch Sugarbush is now open on weekends thru March and is located at 2247 Mecklenburg Rd., Enfield, NY.  Email sapsquatch7@gmail.com  Phone (607) 280-8498

If you are interested in working at Sapsquatch and learning the fine art of maple syrup production please contact Josh to set up a shift at sapsquatch7@gmail.com.  Please wear waterproof boots, work gloves, and plenty of layers.  Bring a snack along, especially if you have any food allergies.  Sapsquatch work traders perform essential functions toward the whole operation including:

– firewood collection, wood splitting and stacking

– sap collection and line maintnance

– syrup boiling and firekeeping

– assist with cooking, housekeeping and hospitality

– keeping late night sugarmakers entertained so they don’t fall asleep and scorch the pans!

– assistance with construction of our new kitchen beginning in Fall 2012

Level of trade is negotiable.  Please be clear about what you would like to get out of the bargain.  Sapsquatch offers a modest amount of syrup, fresh air, exercise and a chance to learn an anctient artform.  We will also share with our experience, hard learned lessons and the humor and good times that make sugaring not just a job, but an experience.


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