Fracking in the Finger Lakes

Hi, My name is Josh Dolan, co-owner of Sapsquatch Pure Maple Syrup in Enfield, NY.   We also produce other sustainable forest products such as ramps, cultivated mushrooms, medicinals and wood products.  We hope to explore potential farm and community scale energy production through pyrolysis generation of biogas utilizing our sugarshack as an experimental station for cutting edge energy efficiency technologies, real domestic energy.  I’ve been sugarmaking for going on 5 years hope to be at it for another 50, or as long as my back holds out. By that time, I hope to be sitting back and watching while my grown children carry buckets, feed the fire, skim the foam and draw hot syrup out of the evaporator. Now we are young, energetic and ambitious.  My business is ready to grow, and opportunity is ripe.  NY State has by far the best potential for sugarmaking in the US, but only 2% of our maples are currently tapped. There is tremendous potential for us to become the leading producer in a syrup-starved economy.

We have been building a base of support in the community through our unique CSA model, by the way, shares go on sale January 1st, educational opportunities for low income adults and children, community celebrations, and eco-tourism As small business owners I spend a good deal of time, not just producing our golden delicious maple syrup, but marketing, promoting, talking up and otherwise pushing it on the community.  However, I’ve been feeling like all this hard work, the long sleepless nights of spring, and the dragging months of summer and fall peddling syrup, is a waste of time as long as New York holds the door open for the Gas companies.  How is it that my small struggling business which sustains families, preserves and enhances the landscape, generates tourism and educates the community has any less value than one with a track record of workers safety violations, environmental destruction, and a history of deceit preying on landowners in order to gain access to their mineral rights.  Natural Gas is an industry that is so bad it had to be exempted by none other than Dick Cheney himself by the Halliburton Loophole from the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Community Right to Know Act among others.  This industry, in fact is so unsustainable, that is the government ended the vast subsidies that support it would cease to exist.

And so we are at a crossroads. It’s time to decide.  New Yorkers, if you love this land, if you love our beautiful lakes and rivers and all the bounty these provide, then we must stand up and be counted.  We must throw our bodies on this machine.  If Gov. Cuomo is not willing to listen to the voice of the people, then we must take matters into our own hands.  We hold the moral high ground and we will grind them down in the courts.  We will attack their bottom line.  We will stop every truck at the border and we will blockade every road into the state if we have to. If Gov. Cuomo wants a fight, well he’s got one.  If you love maple syrup, then say NO to Fracking!  Say no to Cuomo and his presidential aspirations (by the way, we know you took money from the Koch Brothers, Mr. Cuomo!) and say yes to our future.  TAP MAPLES NOT MARCELLUS!!!


2 Responses to Fracking in the Finger Lakes

  1. john cusano says:

    I am a 62 year old man that loves New York State. I also love apples, maple syrup, beer, wine and great food. I believe New York State is the best kept secret in the country. I love the woods, water, hills, mountains and every blade of grass this State has to offer. I see my interpretation of God in all of it. I have been a volunteer at the Cayuga Nature Center for the past year and a half. I hold a masters degree in Parks and Recreation Administration. My love for the outdoors is endless. You are intelligent and know how to get to the heart of it, as only a simple man can. The elite have been running the show for a long time, and I am amazed at how accurately you described it. They do not give a damn because they are heartless and serve their god of greed. It is difficult to understand such callous behavior, especially if you are a human being that lives in the heart. You are doing your part simply by living from your heart . Evey time you tap a tree and are thankful, full of appreciation, you are hammering a nail into the coffin of the heartless. These men and woman will not survive , the times, they really are changing, and it is people such as yourslf, and others like you that are making the difference. Just thought you should know how this old guy feels, you are never alone , their are millions if not billions that feel the way you do. The change is happening as we speak. We all awaken differently. Continue to love your home, family, and whatever makes you happy. Continue to live a” Genuine Life”.

    • Just fired up the old blog again with a new post. Wanted to give you a personal invite to the community work and fun days I’m having on January 4th and 5th. I’ll be doing a two hour hands-on workshop on installing a complete gravity sap collection system in exchange for two hours helping with firewood. Hope you can make it.

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