Update for March 2013

It has been an incredible week and I have been very busy down at the sugarshack. I was not sure I would even have time to knock off this quick update, but there are some really important events coming up that you should know about.
Several important dates are coming up as New York’s Maple Weekend approaches. Sapsquatch will be open to the public on March 16-17 and 23-24 from 11am-5pm all four days https://www.facebook.com/events/494320303961991/ and on both Saturday nights will be alive with boiling and festivities at the sugarshack. Please pay us a visit at 2247 Mecklenburg Rd./Rt. 79 in Enfield, pick up some syrup, try some pancakes, hike in the woods or do some sledding. We will also be selling our syrup at Cayuga Nature Center’s annual Maple Fest http://cayuganaturecenter.org/
If you are thinking about joining our CSA, you can pick up you shares at either of these locations. Here’s how it works. For $80, you receive a gallon or 4 quarts of your favorite grade of syrup. Quarts can be mixed and matched and by purchasing your CSA, we reserve the grades that you want. This is key if you want to get your hands on our extremely popular Grade B syrup. As a CSA member, you can schedule a free guided tour of the sugarbush for your whole family, have a private syrup tasting with pancakes and receive regular updates about events and happenings at the sugarbush and beyond. We will ship or repack your share into your choice of containers for an additional $20. Payment plans available. Contact Josh at sapsquatch7@gmail.com for details and to reserve your share.
This week, in addition to getting ready for what could be the biggest run of the season, I have been working with a wonderful group of students from Kurt Hahn Outward Bound High School from Brooklyn. This Wednesday they spent a few hours out at the sugarbush helping with a few key projects and helped move two black locust logs which have been waiting for over a year for a crew big enough to pick them up (they were really heavy!) We carried these logs and placed them across Sapsquatch Creek and they will serve as trusses for a brand new bridge. Thursday we visited Good Life Farm http://thegoodlifefarm.org/ did some spring planting in high tunnels, pulled drip tape from a vegetable patch to prepare for plowing and spent time learning about and watching their draft horses in action. A lot of firsts on this trip from sledding to petting goats and I have been honored to be a part of their trip. I will be looking forward to the documentary that a few of the students are working on about this trip.
Speaking of videos, check out ‘I am a Sugarmaker’, a short film I produced during a workshop in NYC last month sponsored by the Center for Digital Storytelling: https://vimeo.com/60576866
As always, check us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sapsquatch-pure-maple-syrup/41901318258?fref=ts on twitter @sapsquatch7 and check our blog at http://www.sapsquatchsyrup.wordpress.com You can also reach josh by phone at (607) 280-8498.

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