Maple Weekends March 17-18 & 24-25

Sapsquatch Pure Maple Syrup in Enfield at 2247 Mecklenberg Rd. will be hosting production demonstrations, syrup tastings, and free tours of its eco-friendly sugar shack in honor of NY Maple Weekend on March 17-18,  & March 24-25, 11am-4pm daily.  Sugarhouses all over the state will be opening their facilities to the public.  This special event will connect visitors to local food and sustainability issues in a fun and educational setting.

Located 8 miles from downtown Ithaca in Enfield NY, Sapsquatch is a perfect place to bring the family to experience sugarmaking first hand.  This small-scale sugarbush is backed by local support through sugar shares (similar to CSAs) and strives to bring the Finger Lakes community together. We offer educational events and work trade experiences on the 400-tap farm.

The 2012 maple season has been a roller-coaster ride.  The unseasonably warm winter has had many producers and maple enthusiasts alike worried over sugar-content and production this year as well as the overall implications of climate change on maple production.  Major news outlets like Mother Jones and The Huffington Post (see links below) have begun reporting on this timely issue, and Sapsquatch is just one of many local farmers worried about this issue.

The season came exceptionally early, but has been very steady in our area compared to other years.  Sap has been running since late January and Sapsquatch has been boiling since February 2; almost 3 weeks earlier than ever!  The earlier run caught many sugarmakers off guard and early tapping is always a gamble.  It was a scramble for us to clean all of our equipment and sap lines during a time of year when we are also scrambling to get in as much extra firewood as possible.  We have been working steadily ever since as sap-flow conditions have been very good with a majority of days in the high 30’s and 40’s and nights below freezing.  We expect to break our all-time production record of 76 gallons over the next week, and we still have could have as much as another month to go.   But an early beginning to the season may also spell an early end.  Forecasts of 60 degree temperatures this week could spell the end of the season as trees begin budding.  In the past, we could expect to be boiling until at least the first week of April, but this year, it’s anybody’s guess.

2012 is the fifth year of business for Josh Dolan and Sapsquatch Pure Maple Syrup.  All along the way, community support in the form of volunteer hours, donations and repeat customers has been vital to making Sapsquatch a success.  Community has always been the central theme of the project.  This year, we are really hoping to tap into community support to help Sapsquatch get started on another successful five years.  We are calling on the community to support an expansion of our operations by donating to our IndieGoGo campaign, a crowd-sourced online fundraising platform.  We are raising funds to add wood and tank storage to our sugarhouse and finally put up real walls.  We are also hoping to add an addition that will serve as kitchen, canning facility and classroom.  The new structure will also enable Sapsquatch to host overnight guests and tap into the eco-tourism market.  To find Sapsquatch on, use this link  or just type Sapsquatch into the search bar.

You can also donate and purchase syrup by visiting us on the farm or Saturdays in March from 11-2 at the Greenstar Community Market at the Space at Buffalo and Fulton

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