What does it cost to make a gallon of maple syrup?

Sugaring is an extremely labor intensive process when done the old fashion way.  We believe that all food should be valued at its true cost while still being affordable to the community.  When you break down the labor it takes to produce one gallon of syrup, you can see for yourself why we need your support:

Boiling time for 1 gallon = 1 ½ hours

Tapping, sap collection, daily and annual line maintnence = 1 hour per tap

Gallons of sap to a gallon of syrup = 40:1

Gallons of sap per tap = aprox. 10

Wood cutting, gathering, chopping and stacking = Aprox. 10 hrs. per cord

Aprox. Gallons boiled per cord of wood =  10 gal./ cord

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