Maple season a few weeks away!

It’s hard to imagine that maple season is just a few short weeks away. Sapsquatch Sugarbush, along with most of the Northeast is completely buried under more than two feet of snow and the region is gripped by sub-zero temperatures for much of the past several weeks. In my memory, this has to be the most snow I have seen in the sugarbush and it seems that a new layer of soft powder is added on an almost daily basis. In a bit over a month, we will be hosting our annual open house on the farm during NY State Maple Weekends, March 21-22 & 28-29, 10 AM – 4 PM each day and all that powder means we are looking at possible the best sledding conditions ever seen at Sapsquatch!

Despite the cold and deep snow, things are in motion. A weekly afterschool program with 10 youth from the Enfield area is going strong in its third year. Three of our 13 year-old alumni will be supervising work teams throughout the season, managing our sap buckets, measuring sap yields, and calculating syrup yields. They will receive ½ of the syrup yielded from buckets to sell at school and at Enfield’s market.

TC3 (Tompkins Cortland Community College) Farm-to-Bistro program visited the sugarshack for the first time as part of a new educational partnership. It’s very exciting to be working with this innovative initiative which explores every aspect of the food system. An agroforestry operation like Sapsquatch represents an important part of the sustainable farming equation for our region. TC3 Farm-to-Bistro is just one of the many educational groups who will visit the farm this year.

You can support this important educational work which seeks to promote awareness of the maple industry as an important sector of our local agricultural economy, please consider purchasing a full or half gallon share of the 2015 harvest. You can do so by visiting and placing a credit card order. You can also call (607) 280-8498 or email for any questions, custom orders or alternative payment methods.

On a side note, my crowdfunding campaign to raise cash to replace my stolen chainsaw was wildly successful. Thanks to all who contributed!

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Junkies stole my chainsaw

You may or may not know that I do not live on the land where the Sapsquatch Sugarbush and my beloved sugarshack are located. I have been commuting back and forth to the farm for the last 8 years either by bus, my volvo (which met it’s demise during the final weeks of the 2014 maple season), with various volunteers and buddies. Transportation has been a perennial challenge especially when it has involved moving supplies and tools back and forth to and from the farm.

My neighborhood is pretty nice compared to a lot of places I can think of. It’s less than 10 minutes walk to work and downtown, two minutes from one of the best coffee shops in the country and close to my daughters school and family. It’s not a bad neighborhood, but sometimes bad things happen. My downstairs neighbor had her car torched this last fall. that was kind of a wake up call. Our house has been robbed a few times; bikes, computer, camera, groceries, even returnables are fair game to the thieves. Heroin has been on the rise in Ithaca. It’s cheap and readily available but it’s dangerous. Last month there were three OD fatalities in 10 days when a bad batch was circulating. It’s a drug that drives people to desperation, depravity, thievery and violence.

I’ve been robbed before and each time it’s been a blow and the feeling of intense violation has been present, but it’s never been something as essential as my chainsaw. I use my saw all the time at the farm cutting wood leading up to and during each maple season to feed the fire which rages within my traditional wood fired evaporator. I use it off the farm to make ends meet during the off season. I get requests all the time for chainsaw work and it’s fun, it’s good exercise and it’s easy money for me. To be robbed of this essential tool is more than a violation, it’s an attack on my very being, my livelihood, my family and my children’s well being.

Right now, more than ever, I need your help. If you can, please consider making a donation and help me replace my chainsaw. It will make a world of difference not just to me and my business, but if you read some of the articles on this blog, you will get a sense of how many people have had positive experiences as a result of my passion for maple syrup. Here’s the link and thanks in advance!


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2015 CSA shares now on sale

Sapsquatch Maple CSA shares are now on sale! This year, we are also enabling our members to purchase farm credit in advance of the season to help us purchase much needed efficiency equipment and build an addition to the shack. When you purchase your farm share, you are also supporting youth educational experiences both on and off-farm, our new young sugarmakers entrepreneurial initiative and the development of a new maple sugaring curriculum.

Pay $80/share to reserve your choice of 1 gallon or 4 quarts. This year, you can also add additional credit to your account for future purchases including:

custom maple syrup orders,

maple confections,


inoculated mushroom logs,

black locust posts and hop poles.

Place your order online NOW using my new online marketplace: or in person at this year’s Winter CSA Fair, Saturday 10/25 at Boynton Middle School. Contact me via email at or by phone at 607-280-8498 for other payment options or with any questions regarding farm credit.  Here is a preview of the sugarshack expansion!


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Maple Weekend Report; Part 1

Last weekend, maple producers across the state of NY, including Sapsquatch, opened their sugarhouses to the public for two days of education, family fun and maple syrup.  We were very busy from Thursday on at our Enfield sugarhouse and had a steady stream of visitors. Even bitter cold on Sunday couldn’t keep the dedicated maple lovers away!


The weekend really began for me on Thursday with tours from Ithaca Waldorf followed by two groups from BOCES ESL (English as a second language) classes who have come IMG_0150now for 4 years. They were very excited and almost cleaned out my supply of syrup. Finally, my regular afterschool program from Enfield was joined by a second section of pre-teens. Kids from my regular program provided a tour and wood chopping demonstration for the newcomers and you could tell they were very proud of their place here at Sapsquatch.

I was very happy to have a great team working with me this year. My mother Jane Russell of Around the Corner Catering complimentary pancakes and Sapsquatch maple sausage, maple sap brewed coffee from Keuka Coffee Roasters  , and hot cocoa to guests who came to sample this IMG_0231years fresh maple syrup. My daughter Gaia who will be turning 12 in a few short weeks was our sales person, provided syrup samples and helped out with various other projects as throughout the weekend. We were also very lucky to have a large selection of goat milk soaps for sale from neighbor Susan Verberg of Farm Mountain Soaps including sugarshack soap with maple sand from our 2012 year. My aunt Noreen Whitney of Nordic Farms sent along some maple walnut jams and mom rounded out our display with Grandma Fox’s pancake mix.


Saturday night I was joined by a small but jolly contingent of partygoers.  They were treated sweet steam and a warm fire while sipping hot sap beverages and swapping tales.  I whipped up one of my wood-fired pizzas in the fire box for a snack.  I was happy to host a crowd of foodies including Heather Sanford of the Piggery Butcher Shop for the first time. She has been very supportive over the years and provides shelf space at the butcher shop for Sapsquatch products.  Our landlords and my uncle/aunt, Steven and Stephanie Holzbaur drove a crowd of folks down in the MuleSteven down the icy and muddy trail.  Steven is co-creator and manager of the Finger Lakes Fresh Food Hub Groton and his wife Stephanie is owner of Serendipity Catering . Mecklenberg neighbors Heather Christ Hallagan and husband Jake came back for a second visit of the day; Heather is an events planner from Gather . 5th year Saspquatch alumn, Thomas Eisman from Six Circles Farm was there as always and he kept us company and talked fruit until after midnight.


I pulled an all-nighter with the help of long-time Sapsquatcher Travis and over the course of the weekend, we produced almost 20 gallons of fresh syrup. While the weather report looks good for everyone who has been complaining about this winter, it looks like maple season could be wrapping up early next week, so if you were thinking about paying a visit, this weekend’s maple festivities may be your last chance for 2014. Even though the season has been short, it has been sweet, and I predict we will make up for lost time this week and produce a total seasons yield just below or on par with last season’s first 100 gallon year. Hope to see you during the last two days of NY Maple weekend on Mark 29-30 when you can expect food, fun and temps in the high 40’s.

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Maple Weekend

Maple season is getting off to a late start this year just in time for the celebration of New York State’s Maple Weekends. The statewide festival is sponsored by the New York State Maple Producers Association and is now in its 15th year. Association and independent producers will be opening their sugarhouses and sugar bushes to the public for two weekends of education, family fun and of course, pancakes.

sapsquatch 2014 march final 1Sapsquatch Maple has been hosting on-farm events during Maple Weekend for 6 of the 7 years of operation. On March 22-23 and 29-30 from 10-5pm all four days, Sapsquatch will again open up the sugarhouse for sugaring tours, production demonstration, food, hiking and sledding. Tours will be led by youth from Enfield’s after school program who have been visiting, working and learning at the Sapsquatch Sugarbush every Thursday since late January.

Sugarmaker and founder, Josh Dolan will be running the evaporator and providing an overview of maple production and on-site operations. Josh’s mom and area caterer Jane Russell will be cooking up pancakes and maple sausage. Guests will be able to sample syrup produced this year. The sugarhouse is located on Mecklenburg Rd. (Rt. 79) west of Ithaca at 2247 just over ½ mile on the left past the blinking light, or on the right just after the intersection of Rothermitch and Podunk Rds if you are coming from the Watkins Glen area.

Sapsquatch has been offering CSA shares for the last 3 years, and sales are booming this year. This has enabled this small-scale wood fired boiling operation to grow and succeed in an industry dominated by large-scale highly technological producers. The community supported sugaring model is beneficial to the farm and has provided important start-up capital at the beginning of the season and countless hours of volunteer labor on the farm. Work traders get valuable hands-on experience and get to see where there food comes from.

Community support has enabled Sapsquatch to provide hands-on education to community groups, after school programs, adult English-as-a-second language students and play host to high school students from Brooklyn. Sugarmaker Josh envisions a rapidly growing local industry, networks of local producers sharing resources and the future development of cooperative sugaring businesses and cooperatively run sugarhouse. He views the educational aspect of the farm as a crucial part of developing the industry in the area and training the next generation of young sugarmakers.

To find out more about events at Sapsquatch
Call (607) 280-8498

Other area producers who will be open to the public include:

Arnot Teaching & Research Forest
Cathy Coats
611 County Route 13
Van Etten, NY 14889-9506

Phone: (607) 589-6076 / (607) 589-6095 

Sweetrees Maple Products
Dan & Ruth Beasley
761 Glen Road
Berkshire, NY 13736

Phone: (315) 699-3855 / (607) 972-6699 

Find our more information at

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Maple Season is Here (sorta): Upcoming events with Sapsquatch

Maple season is here (sorta) and there’s lots to do!IMG_9954







Here are some upcoming events with Sapsquatch:

Saturday, March 8, Boynton Middle School 12-3pm
Meet Josh from Sapsquatch at the annual CSA Fair along with 25 other local producers. CSA’s have been selling like hotcakes this year, so come and put your name on the waiting list for this years share. You can also email

Thursday, March 13th, 6-8pm, Cornell Cooperative Extension, 615 Willow Ave, $5
Slideshow and talked followed by syrup tasting. Learn about some of the latest developments in the industry, history and lore, and a blow-by-blow account of the Great Maple Heist.

Saturday and Sunday, March 22-23 & 29-30, Maple Weekend at Sapsquatch, 2247 Mecklenberg Rd. (Rt. 79 West of Ithaca)
Visit the sugarshack, feed the fire, tap a tree, eat pancakes, walk in the woods, brave the luge run, howl at the moon ! 24-7 Festivities as long as the sap is running. Call if you get lost 607-280-8498

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Maple syrup in the media

There are always a lot of stories in the media this time of year as the pre-maple season excitement builds, but as the industry grows by leaps and bounds, it seems that this year there has been more media attention than usual. I wanted to give readers a run-down of the top stories I’ve been following this winter in the hopes that you will get maple fever to.

One story that has been unfolding over the last two years is referred to as the Great Maple Heist, the robbery of over 10000 barrels of syrup in 2011-2012 from the Federation of Quebec Maple Producers Strategic Reserve. The subject of an upcoming film by Sony Pictures, the Heist sent shock waves throughout the industry and generated a ton of articles giving sugarmakers and average Joes alike a glimpse into the innards of Canada’s signature industry. Here is an illustrated account of the Heist which appeared in Modern Farmer in mid-January;
And for you aspiring felons, here’s the blow by blow;
When it comes to big news like this, you can’t really compete with coverage from the Daily Show;

Another story which will have a big influence over the entire US maple industry is the Vermont’s adoption of a new grading system which has eliminated the grade B designation. When the old system was created, it was difficult to produce a dark syrup of high quality and so grade B was a lesser product. Nowadays, with many new technological developments in the mix, Grade B is just as good as Fancy but the name gives the impression of an inferiour quality. The new designations eliminate Fancy and B.
Not everyone thinks this new system is a great idea;

Technological developments are one of the driving forces behind the current maple boom. From reverse osmosis to tap hole sanitation technology, these developments are increasing yields and efficiency. One recent discovery that has stirred debate within the industry is extraction of maple sap from very young trees. While this could allow maple production on a much smaller footprint, reduce the amount of time to start tapping new trees and open the door for more planted maple farms, critics say this will move the industry toward monoculture and away from sustainable forestry practices.

There have been several interesting radio stories on the maple industry lately including a feature interview with Cornell’s Mike Farrell on North Country Public Radio;
He is the author of a recent book, The Sugarmaker’s Companion, which is being acclaimed as the most up-to-date and useful text for hobbiests and commercial producers alike;
I also did an interview with Cornell Maple Expert Steve Childs back in December and there is a lot of good information about the modern maple industry;

One final note; if you have never heard the song by Pete Seeger who passed away last week, you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.

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